May 7th - 10th  (Thurs - Sun, 3 Nights)

            Castlebrook Inn                                    

Address:         Compton Dundow, Nr Street, Somerton TA11 6PR

Theme:            VE Day

Hosts:            Mike, Pat

Description:   A 16th century pub with a shop, restaurant and a skittle alley.

                      Sunday Carvery.

                      The rally field is behind the pub with striking Somerset views.

                      There are 17 registered walks around and about the village.

                      Within easy reach of Street and Glastonbury.

Directions:    On the B3151 between Street and Somerton. In Compton Dundon watch for the                        Castlebrook Inn and MCC signs. It is on the left if approaching from Street.

                     The access to the rally field is up the side of the pub and is very narrow. Larger                          units approaching from Street will need to cross to the other carriageway

                     in order to swing in. The rally field is through the car park.

Cost:               £10.00 pupn Inclusive of Admin Fee.

Start Time:       12 Noon

The Motor Caravanners' Club

Avon Group