The Motor Caravanners' Club

Avon Group


•    It is the duty of Hosts to prepare the site in readiness for the arrival of members & to maintain a       safe orderly TC/Rally for the enjoyment of attending members.

         o     At this time, it is especially important to ensure that Covid safe protocols are observed.

         o    Carry out site Risk Assessment.
         o    Hand gel & sanitized wipes needs to be placed at the hosts station, and at the fresh                               water & Elsan points.
         o    Social distancing rules are to be maintained at all times.

         o    Where the two metre rule cannot be achieved facial coverings need to be worn.

         o    It is also helpful for hosts to prepare a welcome sheet providing details of places of                                 interest, contact details for local services, e.g. Doctor, Vet, Taxi, & any planned onsite events..

•     Mixing in other people’s vans & gazebos is not permitted, the rule of 6 is still law.

•     Vans must be parked a minimum of 6 metres apart & habitation doors should not be facing one              another. Please refer to attached diagram.

•     Pre booking is required at all rallies & hosts will receive lists of attending members from the                    Group Secretary shortly before the TC/Rally is due to start.

•     Hosts need to arrange for the collection of the rally box & signage which will be required at the              TC/Rally, this may be achieved by contacting our Rally Officer.

•     The rally phone & SumUP payment card reader need to be fully charged in advance; these will              be in the rally box.

•     Hosts need to arrive at the venue to allow sufficient time to prepare the site before the arrival of            members, this often means arriving the previous day which should be arranged with the                        venue’s proprietor/manager.

•     “Direction Signs” need to be placed outside the venue to guide members into the site.

•     “Other Signs” that are required to be in place include:

          o     Fresh Water sign, Elsan sign & 5 MPH sign.
          o     Dog Owner sign – “Clean-up after their Dogs”.

•     The “Stop Here Board” needs to be placed appropriately for in front of the Hosts station.

•     The “NOTICE BOARD” needs to display:

          o     The SITE “Exemption Certificate”, which can be found in the black rally book,
          o     The Risk Assessment form.
          o     Details for local emergency services
          o     Any other information relevant to the TC/ rally such as bus timetables & onsite events,                          i.e., coffee morning.

•     On sites where the pitches are not already identified it is useful to mark out pitches prior to                    members arrival.

•     A warm welcome should be extended to members on their arrival & they are to be asked if                    they have any of the known Covid Virus symptoms such as fever, persistent cough, loss of                    taste or smell.

•     Only members who have pre booked may be admitted to the TC/Rally site.

         o     Should anyone arrive who has not pre booked, the host or a committee member should                          explain to them politely that they cannot be admitted & refer them to the venues                                      proprietor who may be able to allocate them a pitch elsewhere on the campsite.

•     The Host is to ask pre booked members to see their MCC membership card, check that it is                  valid & place a tick next to their name on the booking in sheet, then:

         o     Direct them to their pitch asking them to return to make payment after parking. This way                       we hope to avoid queues & possible blockage at the site entrance.

•     Any second or towed vehicles should be parked in a separate designated area.

•     Details on how to use the Sum UP payment card reader can be found in the box with the                        device, it is very quick & easy to use.:

         o      For the best signal it is recommended to use it outside the van as many vans have a foil                         lining between the walls which may block the signal.
         o      Press the power button & enter the User ID & Password now it is ready to accept                                   payments.
         o      On receipt of payment complete the booking in sheet with the appropriate details.

•     At the end of each day the “Sum Up device” will record a total of payments:

          o     At the end of the Rally, add the daily totals shown on the “Sum Up device” together to                            arrive at the total amount received and record on the Balance sheet.

          o     Hosts need to also record the other financial data as defined on the balance sheet.

•      A cheque is to be prepared for monies due to the venue for the total number of nights x the                   amount charged pupn by the venue which you will find on the balance sheet.

•     As two vans for hosts are NOT required to pay rally fees do NOT include them in this payment.

•     The cheque which should be signed by two designated committee members is to be given to                the site proprietor/manager & a signed receipt obtained before leaving the site.

•     The balance sheet is to be forwarded to the Group Treasurer.

•     The Avon Group normally holds a “Coffee Morning” at which the Group Notices are read, raffle              is held, and loyalty page stamped.

•     Group Notices: Hosts need to prepare information for the Chairman’s chat at coffee morning,              this includes recording the number of vans attending from each Group, prepare greeting cards              for anyone with a birthday or anniversary, record the names of any first time Rallier’s and                        prepare the raffle bag and prizes.

•     Raffle: It is the responsibility of the Hosts to purchase the prizes for which they will be                            reimbursed by the Treasurer when receipts are submitted.

          o     It is the Hosts job to sell the raffle tickets & record the numbers of tickets used.
          o     Books of raffle tickets can be found in the rally box.
          o     Prior to “Coffee Morning”, the ticket stubs should be folded & placed in the blue Avon                             Raffle bag ready for the draw & prizes displayed.
          o     The raffle prize tickets are normally drawn by each winner.
          o     Minors cannot collect prizes unless accompanied by an adult.

•     Loyalty Stamp: Avon Group members are eligible for a loyalty stamp at every Avon TC/Rally                they attend.

          o     The snail stamp & ink pad for this purpose can be found in the rally box & should be                               taken to coffee morning.
          o     Each loyalty stamps need to be initialled & dated.

•     Lastly all equipment is to be packed up ready to be passed to the Hosts of the next TC/Rally.

Sincere thanks to all Hosts for your efforts because without Hosts there can be no TC/Rallies.

Sue Turl

Avon Group Chairman

2nd April 2021