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​​Avon Group Committee have unanimously decided to retain the pre booking of rallies for the remainder of 2021/22.

To book please contact our secretary Karen James; CONTACT DETAILS as stated above, and on RALLY PAGE.

Day visitors will now be allowed on site.  

November 2021 – Update.

MCC CoM Rescind Ruling on Limiting MCC Groups Rallying in Other Groups Area’s, as printed in the MCC October 2021 Magazine. 

Printing AVON GROUP 2021 Temporary Campsite (TC) listing printable pages, with booking dates:

To print a copy of an opened printable rally page, first click "Download" in the top right corner and then open the "Link" that appears in the bottom left corner, this will provide a version that can now be "printed".


If anyone would like to "HOST" a Rally/TC will you please contact:
Rally Officer: Rowena Moulding – 07966398518, or email: ​georgeisnow@hotmail,com.

For booking a Rally/TC please contact:

Secretary: Karen James - TEXT: 07971540909; email:

Refer to the TC/Rally page for the 2022 "BOOK BY" dates for each TC/Rally

Please don’t forget No Hosts – ‘NO RALLIES/TC’.

​​​​​​​NEW LISTINGS 28th JUNE 2022 - Click on the buttons below:

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Dear members
Hosts are still required for TWO of the proposed 2022 Avon Group TC/Rallies.
If you can help either as a HOSTS, or an ASSISTANT HOST, Please contact your Rally Officer - Rowena - 07966398518.

WITH OUT HOSTS  - These Proposed TC/Rallies will need to be CANCELLED.

 "URGENT REQUEST"  Warren Farm - DAWLISH - August - Thurs 25th​ to Tues 30th.  "URGENT REQUEST"

Sharpness Dockers Club - October - Thurs 13th to Sunday 16th

TC/Rally Information:  Pre Balloon Festival - Walcot RFC, Albert Field, Lansdown, Bath, BA1 9BJ - 5th to 10th AUGUST 2022 - CLICK HERE.  BOOKING, by 31st July 2022.​​

TC/Rally Information:  Hereford Rowing Club, 37 Greyfriers Ave, Hereford,HR4 0BE - 14th JULY to 18th JULY 2022 - CLICK HERE.  BOOKING, but back to 1st JULY 2022.​​

Members please note:

Minutes of the 2021 Avon Group Committee meeting held Cross Keys, East Lydford on Friday 20th September 2021, are available for review.

Draft Minutes of " Avon Group 42nd AGM", held at Camerton Village Hall on 30th October 2021, are now also available to review.

APRIL 2021/November 2021

Following a question received from a member at our recent rally, the committee agreed the current version of "Avon Group Constitution Supplement" should be added to the Website - "Minutes of AGM" Tab. 

UPDATED POST 2021 AGM - Avon Group Constitutional Supplement ADDED.

2021/2022AVON Committee - Please note; New AVON e-mail addresses are now available for Chair, Vice Chair and Rally Officer's.  Note Treasure to retain existing e-mail address.

Also note the NEW MCC Secretary e-mail address.

Please still use e-mail to contact the committee with general questions and rally info.

​Click on the button below for your committee details:

Web Site updates

​Updates to Information and welcome Sheets for Forthcoming Rallies.

New page link added to task bar above, opening a new page for  "Hosts Guidance Notes"

TC/Rally Information: Beehive - Bradford on Avon - 30th JUNE to 4th JULY 2022 - CANCELLED 


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Forthcoming  Avon Group Rallies:

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