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MCC Magazine Publication Returns - August 2020

​I am writing to thank all of you for your support and understanding over the temporary absence of your monthly magazine. I am very pleased to be able to say that normal service will be resumed in August as we welcome back Mark and Jade. (Providing there are no further lockdowns for the publishers!)

The Group News section will be included within the magazine rather than be published as a separate booklet – though of course there will be very little to report about rallies! However, as the magazine goes out to everyone in The Motor Caravanners’ Club, I thought that Groups may like to send out a special message or updates to their members. If so, please send your messages in to me at:  Just for the August edition only the deadline for Group News will be extended to 10th July.

We would like to make this first issue back after shutdown a real celebration of our “Motor Caravanner” family, so we would love to hear from Groups and/or individual members. This could cover many themes, for example:

  • Thank yous to members who have helped other members or families
  • Members who have been volunteering to help others
  • New hobbies started
  • Members who have done unusual things during lockdown (that we can put in print!)
  • Any modifications to their motorhome – or stories about using their motorhome during lockdown
  • What members have missed during lockdown and/or what they are looking forward to
  • An interesting or amusing story to tell
  • Photos

Indeed, just about anything you feel members would like to know, read or share, written or photographic – please sent them in to me.

 It has been suggested by a member that I include a printed list of Group Facebook pages and I have been provided with some links but not for every Group. If you would like to “advertise” your Group’s Facebook page you need to send the link to me. I would like to hear your views on this – and then I will look for the best way forward to achieve this.

Finally, this email is going out to Chairpersons and Secretaries who are not necessarily the Scribe for your Group. If this is the case for your Group, please forward this information to your Scribe. 

Sending you all my best wishes and looking forward to the time we can all meet up at rallies again,

Sue Pilkiw

Membership Services/Handbook and Magazine