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30th August 2016

​Name: Stan & Ray Vousden-White

Subject Rainbow Woods rally

This was one of the best rallies over the last few years. All nice folk, terrific hosts and it was like a family get together. No niggling, no problems and a great time was had by one and all. Let's hope we can keep up the good work Thanks Sue, Pete, Gill and Dave.

25th August 2016​

Name: Chris Maynard

Subject: Thankyou for my get well card

​I would like to thank all Avon members for the get well card I received after my 2nd knee operation. I am getting back to normal slowly, now using only one crutch. Hopefully we will soon be at a rally again. Chris.

​​​15th August 2016
Name: Ann & Tony Carlow-Bunton
Subject:  Gatcombe Farm & Balloon Fiesta

A big thank you to Pete & Pat for running a very good pre-Balloon Fiesta rally, at Gatcombe farm. We had the added luxury of a substantial marquee that gave us a lovely friendly and comfortable place for us all to get together, music, games and of course Pete's banter along with some good quizzes from Pat, it was a lot for two people do but full marks to both of them. also the added bonus of a short drive to Long Ashton and more enjoyment from the Balloon Fiesta. We can't wait for next year - Well done Avon you have a good team!

Ann & Tony Carlow-Bunton - Essex Please add our letter to your web page.

09 May 2016

​Subject: Gatcombe and Balloon Festival Rallies

Name Chairperson - Jane Wingworth

Hi Christine
Thank you for this e-mail, it is interesting to see that member’s still continue to use old pre-2016 contacts without checking the latest MCC magazine or website, can’t be helped I suppose.
Much appreciated you are happy to point members in the right direction. As you say can’t do much about published pre-2016 documents.
The Avon MCC Home page, and the MCC Club page link, already states a new committee is in place and provides their contact details and latest rally info, including clearly stating “AVON rallies are not bookable”. AVON web will also be updated to confirm all rallies in 2016 calendar will proceed, it will also include information regarding availability at all rallies of fresh water and toilet emptying facilities etc. As you say, Phil Underhill has already clarified this information to a new MCC member, so they obviously got his details from somewhere. 
Noted the point about loading website onto some phones, I am told this is because the website is optimised for smart phones and some servers my not always load it cleanly on other phones, can’t please everybody.
Thank you for your continued support and pointing fellow MCC members in the correct direction, as stated it much appreciated.

Thank again 

07 May 2016

​Subject: Gatcombe and Balloon Festival Rallies

Name Chritine & Brian Gautier

Hi Jane

We have had several phone calls this week with questions about the Gatcombe and Balloon rallies. Are they going ahead, can they book, is there water/emptying/toilets etc? This is because my name and number appear in the annual MCC booklet and it was not changed for a couple of the monthly magazines after we left the cttee. That can't be altered, but if you could arrange for a suitable message/advert to be posted on the Avon website, the MCC Forum and the MCC Facebook page it might save at least some of the calls coming through here. We have told callers where to find the info on the website rallies page but have been told ( that since Carol made changes) it doesn't always load very well on some phones. The MCC have now endorsed Facebook as official and Phil has already responded to at least one question on there. We had loads of calls last year and whilst we won't ignore any that do come through, we will be grateful if some attempt is made to reduce them. Thank you very much, Christine and Brian

​Subject: Gatcombe and Balloon Festival Rallies

 Name Chritine & Brian Gautier

Easter Rally 2016 Washingpool Farm
​Mike, On behalf of myself and our small party of visitors we would like to thank you for organising the Easter rally. 
We had a great time, the company was good as was the food and Saturday evening entertainment. 
The bingo, raffle, beetle drive and card bingo was enjoyed.
Please pass on our thanks to all Avon members who made the meet so good. 

Best wishes for the future.
Ray & Lesley Cripps [West Wessex]
Pam Dillon & Keith Randall [Severn Valley]
Malcom Macdonald [Nene Valley]


18 Dec 2015

Name Roy and Ann Pitcher
Subject Web Site 
We would like to thank Carol and everybody that has helped for setting up the new web site. We know how much time and effort it takes. We would also like to wish everybody a very happy Christmas and Healthy New Year

​17 Dec2015
Name Lyn Jefferson
Subject Christmas Dinner Rally
I would like to thank all of the committee for a wonderful weekend.  The hard work they put in to a very windy Saturday afternoon serving us all with mulled wine and mince  pies. The evening was a great success. Once again thank you to all our committee​

17 Dec 2015
Name Steve and Pat Brown
Subject Christmas Dinner Rally
May we both take this opportunity to thank everyone for all the hard work that went into running this rally, Both Pat and I really enjoyed ourselves even though I could not walk far it was nice to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. Thanks once again to you all Kind Regards Pat and Steve

​24 Nov 2015
​Name Brian Gautier
Members Discussions Page
I would like this and my previous comment to be shown. The above page does not show a date when comments were posted. This is imortant. Also the postings should be in reverse date order so that the latest is at the top and you don't have to scroll all the way down to see the latest

22 Nov 2015
Name Brian Gautier
Subject Hendra Minut
It says on the web site that these minutes are draft and awaiting the Chairman's approval that they are a true record. In fact it is all those present at the meeting who need to approve that they a true record. It is not just the Chairman's remit. For the record Christine and I do agree that they are a true record...

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