The Motor Caravanners' Club

Avon Group


Present -  Jane Winkworth, Mike Stock, Kay Norman, Brenda Evans, Phil and Sue Underhill and Paul Lobley.
Paul and Val kindly let us hold the meeting in their vehicle.

Mary Newport is poorly and unable to attend the rally this weekend, we send our best wishes for a swift recovery.


RALLY BOOK PRINTING    Phil has this under control with final adjustments being made.

PHOTOGRAPHS - I need to send an email to Christine Gautier regarding the locating of the photographs of numerous rallies of years past. Mike will do his best to make them readily available to everyone.  If anyone would like to supply a memory stick they can have a copy of these photographs for personal viewing.  U Tube has various videos stored, covering many years, that are readily available to view.

A G M Arrangements

Open Forum – Last year the Trailer was discussed but no action could be taken because it is not legal. It needs to be discussed during the main A G M Meeting to have action taken.
Mike Winterton offered to tow the trailer to rallies, but then had a serious health setback, and had to withdraw his offer.  Should his health improve sufficiently he may be willing to again offer to tow the trailer to rallies.
One important thing is= it needs to be loaded properly= with the weight where it should be for safe towing.  
We decided to use last years’ annual meeting paperwork as a guide for this forthcoming meeting.

Paul brought an amendment to the Avon Constitution to our notice, but we checked and found it already in print in the latest copies.
Kay has agreed to do the welcome sheet.

Phil and Sue will do the booking in for the rally.  They will also do a quiz to be used on one night.

Halloween party night we will have a faith supper followed by quiz, music and games.

I need to buy for the rally:- 3 x 4 pints of milk, biscuits and raffle prizes.
PARKING AT CHEW VALLEY SCHOOL. When this rally was arranged we thought we had no problems to be able to park vehicles close together to get all vans attending in.
THIS IS NOT THE CASE – We are governed by law brought in by Natural England and we cannot in any circumstances park vehicles closer than six metres.  This would really be a problem at Chew.
A great deal of discussion followed which resulted with Phil getting in contact with Washing Pool Farm to see if they could help us as an alternative to Chew Valley. They said they would get back to us quickly.

We will need 60 copies of all paperwork for this meeting. 2016 open forum and agenda sheets. We need 100 Voting Papers with nominees listed, and voting summary sheets.  Attendance Sheets for signing into the meeting.  Jane will ask two people to be in charge of these, welcoming and checking membership cards.
Mary will print the copies of last years’ minutes.

Natural England need the six metre rule adhered to for all rallies so we need to re evaluate some rallies for space.  Paul has offered to go to Castle School Thornbury to check parking space available.

A O B Paul asked about the urns and them getting to rallies.  Jane has two, one large and one smaller in her garage, and these are available to anyone to use, they only have to ask.

RISK ASSESSMENTS= All rallies not licensed as camping establishments have to have one produced by us.  Jane will contact Head Office to see if they have finalized their directive.

Washing Pool Farm got back in touch with us and confirmed that we could transfer our
A G M rally to them and they would supply a bar and entertainment Saturday night.
Friday night we can have the faith supper and entertainment from Pete for our Halloween party.
Mike will change the arrangements on the web adding there will be a prize for the best dressed van.
The committee meeting after the A G M – we may need to open a different e mail account as the current one is not now funded.

The meeting was closed with everyone feeling we achieved all we aimed for.

 Thanks to Paul and Val again for the use of their motorhome and the coffee supplied.