The Motor Caravanners' Club

Avon Group

Committee Meeting at Pedruth Paddocks Cheddar on 26th June 2016 at 9.45 am.

Present             Chair                                      Jane Winkworth
                        Vice Chair                               Paul Lobley
                        Hon. Treasurer (&Scribes)        Kay Norman
                        Joint Rally Officers                  Phil/ Sue Underhill
                        Webmaster                             Mike Stock
                        Member                                 Mary Newport

Apologies        Brenda Evans. Hon. Secretary

Previous Minutes       Accepted

Matters Arising
01.       Jane has received Fire Extinguisher from Past Committee Member which she is retaining for her use that means that Jane, Paul, Brenda and Kay hold extinguishers.

02.       Copy of Constitution to be issued to Phil/Sue Underhill and Mary Newport.

03.       Trailer – Paul advised that on 17th May 2017 in conjunction with Mike Stock and Trevor Dash inspected the Trailer which appeared to be safe and in reasonable condition.
             a)The Content was in good order and dry.
             b)The positioning of the content was adjusted to provide a better even load excepting for the generator which needs to be moved to the tow hitch.                       This was not possible due to a fire extinguisher having previously exploded in the trailer as protective masks and gloves are essential to remove                     the content and clear the trailer or any residue powder.
             c)The trailer has been serviced recently by Mike Smart.
             d)No further Action is to be taken until the AGM
It was stated that The Club Member Mike Winterton who volunteered to tow the trailer has unfortunately had a recent heart attack and is still recovering and unable to offer this assistance at the present time.

04.       Face Book is being monitored and any adverse or malicious comments to be printed off and sent to Bernie Haylock with copy to Jane for action as appropriate.

05.       Paul commented on the National Rally advising it was successful.

New Matters
06.       It was agreed that the Rally Information Sheets must be passed to the respective Host(s) at least One Month prior to the Rally and this is the
Rally Officer’s responsibility.

07.       Phil provided a list of Rallies for 2017 some of which have to be finalised. Also he will ensure that all future rallies for 2016 are complete in every respect as a matter of priority.

Rallies for 2017 – At least 17 Rallies are to be displayed on the Website in August 2016 being at least 2 months prior to the AGM to enable Members to select sites they wish to Host. 

Mike proposed that any Rallies not Hosted by the New Year to be Cancelled. which was agreed.

08.       Rally Black Book – Rally Information Sheets to be passed to Host at least one month prior to Event so that any issues that need to be discussed can be resolved in time.

Risk Assessment Forms – The responsibility of the Rally Officer to complete and add to Information Sheets for each Rally in Black Book for all future Rallies..

Accident Book to be purchased and added to Rally Host Box.

Duplicate copies of all Rally Information Sheets to be held by Secretary.

Paul suggested that all Rally Balance sheets to be numbered ie (1 – 5) which was agreed.

Content of Rally Host Box to be glued to lid.

09.       Chipping Sodbury Rally – Mike advised that matters still to be resolved on this next Rally including provision of usable Septic Tank, Final Location for Vans, Use of Clubhouse for Bingo etc. Security on Site. Raffle Prizes value £40 to be obtained by the Host.

10.       Balloon Fiesta –  Start Wednesday 10th August 2016 at 11.00 am.
Set Up Tuesday 9th August 2016.

Paul advised that he would not be attending Gatcombe Farm but would be at Parsonage Farm on Tuesday to assist with setting up.

Roger & Catherine Clark have volunteered to assist the Committee.

Adequate Signage to be set up for directions to Site from both Gatcombe Farm and Bristol Routes.

To avoid back log at Entrance, Helper at Entrance to only direct members to Reception who will take Reg Numbers and Members Cards for safe keeping before being further directed to a Helper to place in position on site. Members when settled in and then return to Reception to pay and their Cards returned.

Allow £150 for Raffle prizes of good quality to be purchased by Mary and Val.

Grey water dispose of in hedges.

Car Parking Define

No specific disabled parking.

11.New Year Rally –  Confirmation of “2 Diamonds” Entertainment for New Year Rally received including Poster for adding to web site

12.Arrangements to be made with Bernie Haylock  re. Forms for Program Books for 2017. Invoice of £25 to follow.

13.       Again Confirmed 2.00 pm. Start Time for Sites unless special circumstances ie. Schools and Balloon Fiesta etc.
14.Mandate – New form was signed at the meeting as the Bank has lost the original form. Kay to follow up as Brenda unavailable.
Item 14 this form was for telephone banking and not the signing mandate that has been completed .the telephone banking is just for Kay to use . Makes any queries about accounts easer . Current method of 3 security questions has caused problems , they will issue Kay with special code .

 15.       Jane mentioned that her mobile phone had been severely hacked and as a result the webmaster has taken action to remove all Committee Members e-mail addresses from the Club website and directed all external contacts through the webmaster e-mail address.

Mike stated a possible discount for Web Browser Account

Next Meeting – Rainbow Wood Farm, Bath   date 28/08 – 02/09/2016